Let me guess… You’re passionately doing the work you were meant to do in life – your purpose. But you’re also smart to know that in order to create more impact, you have to automate and delegate the tasks that takes up most of your time away from your purpose. When you’re committed to scale your business to 6-figure months, a strategic sales funnel is one of your best asset.
The Joyful Course Launch

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the pieces of the puzzle for a successful product launch, I have a solution for you.

Let me guide you through this process as we carefully strategize and execute our launch plan. Whether you’re launching an online course or membership program or online workshops, I got you covered.

  • 1 hour business intensive call where we brainstorm and conceptualize a funnel strategy
  • Value ladder coaching
  • Sales page creation 
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Email Marketing (promotions for the course, pre and post launch emails, program emails to purchasers, welcome packages etc.)
  • Setting up and optimization of ads
  • Custom Designed Course Materials (workbooks, video cover images, PDFs, checklists, worksheets etc.)
  • Custom designed marketing materials (social media, email marketing, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • Project management (Keeping the project on schedule with our project management software, assignees, tasks, deadlines, etc.)
  • Weekly 30-minute catch up

The above items are the main elements of a digital product/service launch. This package will be customized to your unique needs after the initial consultation.